Stop The Clocks - The Information Page

An information site about unreleased overhyped Oasis song that Noel Gallagher has called "the best thing I've ever written". This page can only add to the hype, but I'm sick of answering questions about it every day so... NOTE: There are NO recordings of this song on the Internet at the moment, despite what you may have downloaded. They are all made up recordings performed by morons. As soon as the real thing finds it's way into widespread circulation, you'll hear about it on this page.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

BBC Radio 2, UK
Download audio (148k mp2)

Noel: "I have written four songs for the album, one is called Stop The Clocks, which is one of the best songs I've ever written".

Friday, October 04, 2002

'Fast Forward', Germany
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Noel: "I have a song called Stop The Clocks, which at the moment is acoustic, but could be massive".