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An information site about unreleased overhyped Oasis song that Noel Gallagher has called "the best thing I've ever written". This page can only add to the hype, but I'm sick of answering questions about it every day so... NOTE: There are NO recordings of this song on the Internet at the moment, despite what you may have downloaded. They are all made up recordings performed by morons. As soon as the real thing finds it's way into widespread circulation, you'll hear about it on this page.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, UK

As part of a short acoustic set, along with Gem, Noel plays the track in Liverpool.

From the 14th May edition of the NME:
"NME's spy described 'Stop The Clocks', written at the end of the Heathen Chemistry sessions, as a cross between 'The Hindu Times' and 'Wonderwall', similar to late George Harrison-penned Beatles. It features the lyric 'Stop the clocks and leave it all behind/On the backseat of my mind'. review:
"New track 'Stop The Clocks' leaves the crowd divided and unsure, it's a fairly melancholic affair crossing 'Fade In-Out' with 'Who Feels Love'. It's classic Oasis but with more soul, fairly mature and well structured as opposed to 3 chord catchy pop songs. news story
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