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An information site about unreleased overhyped Oasis song that Noel Gallagher has called "the best thing I've ever written". This page can only add to the hype, but I'm sick of answering questions about it every day so... NOTE: There are NO recordings of this song on the Internet at the moment, despite what you may have downloaded. They are all made up recordings performed by morons. As soon as the real thing finds it's way into widespread circulation, you'll hear about it on this page.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stop The Clocks lyrics in STC album booklet

In May 2003 a set of lyrics purporting to be from the demo of 'Stop The Clocks' were posted onto an unofficial Oasis forum. They went as follows:

Stop the clocks and turn your love around
Let your love lay me down
And when the night is over there'll be no sound

Lock the box and leave it all behind
On the backseat of my mind
And when the night is over where will I rise?
And what if I'm already dead, how will I know?
How will I know?

Lost inside my head behind the wall
Do they hear me when I call?
And when the night is over where will I fall?
Where will I fall?

But if I'm already dead
How will I know?
How will I know?

And now my fight is over there'll be no sound...

Although these matched the theme that Gallagher had spoken about in the Japanese radio interview in 2002, the appearance of the lyrics were nevertheless greeted with some sceptisism and cynicism by some fans. The only hint that they could have been the real thing came in an NME review of the May 2003 live performance of the song, which included the line "Stop the clocks and leave it all behind".

Confirmation of the legitimacy of these lyrics seems to come in a page of the booklet included with copies of the "Stop The Clocks" album. The page has a distorted, warped, circular image of a variation of the main artwork of the album, with the following lines wrapped round it:

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Noel Q&A at Lord Don't Slow Me Down premiere, New York

at the Q&A, Noel was asked about the song and why it wasn't on the album of the same name. Here is his answer.