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An information site about unreleased overhyped Oasis song that Noel Gallagher has called "the best thing I've ever written". This page can only add to the hype, but I'm sick of answering questions about it every day so... NOTE: There are NO recordings of this song on the Internet at the moment, despite what you may have downloaded. They are all made up recordings performed by morons. As soon as the real thing finds it's way into widespread circulation, you'll hear about it on this page.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Daily Star / Q Magazine

A brief track-by-track description of the album, by Noel, for the May 2005 edition of Q Magazine, was published in the Daily Star. Stop The Clocks was on it as track 7, in between The Meaning Of Soul and Part Of The Queue.

Noel: "A song that's been around for a long, long time but it might not make it. There's a bit of a debate going on at the moment."